Imerman Angels - One on One Cancer Support

My cancer journey was flooded with support from family and friends and I could not be more grateful. But the one thing that made so much of a difference for me was the support from someone who had been there done that and who was here to share their experience and help me navigate through mine.

I needed someone who could tell me what it's like to have your thyroid removed, what it's like to not feel your entire right half of your shoulder after surgery because so many lymph nodes were removed, what it's like to go through radiation and get liquid fed to you through a person wearing a space suit, what it's like to be in isolation during treatment because your body is literally sending off harmful radioactive waves to other people, what my scar will look like, what it's like to live without a thyroid and to take a little pill for the rest of your life to regulate your weight, body temperature, mood and so much more! My doctors could tell me what to expect and what to do but they didn't know how it feels or what I was going through. My mentor angel did.  

Imerman Angels envisions a world where cancer is not a solitary experience. They match you with someone who has gone through the exact same cancer as you at the exact same stage at the exact same age. If you or someone you know is a cancer fighter, survivor or caregiver they offer free one on one support that I could not recommend enough. 

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