Perfectly Imperfect Stamped Necklace

Perfectly Imperfect Stamped Necklace

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Blooper Gold Stamped Necklace - 

As requested....introducing Perfectly Imperfect 14k gold filled necklaces. 

These are all of my stamping bloopers for sale at a discounted price. They are all the same quality materials 14k gold filled but the stamping didn't come out as perfectly as I had planned. Each stamp is perfectly imperfect in its own way - just pick your chain! 

The Details:

  • Measurements: each necklace is adjustable from 16 to 18"
  • 14k gold filled hand-stamped 5/8" charm with 14k gold filled chain
  • Please note: if the blank is bent I will try to hammer out as flat as possible
  • Small batch, handmade (blooper stamps)

Each of these items is handmade from start to finish
Please embrace the inconsistencies that make
each piece yours- unique and one of a kind.